From Wimbledon to Lords

July 18, 2009

It’s been a while since my last blog post, mainly because I’ve been so busy with work (even though I am still on a 4 day week) and also a number of social occasions for myself.

So, where do I start. June, Wimbledon Fortnight, Wednesday. I got to spend a whole day at Wimbledon watching the tennis on Court 1.


The first couple of matches went off without a hitch, and were, great tennis, as the names that were playing on Court 1, were still big names. So Novak Djokovic beat Simon Greul in straight sets. Onto the next match. I decided to nip off to grab myself a beverage and a quick bite to eat, so I missed the first set of Sarena Williams, but caught the second set. Again, a straight set win for the eventual Wimbledon Ladies Champion of 2009.

At this time, I thought it would be a good idea to wander around to the big screen, and sit up on the Aorangi Terrace, which has unfortunately been renamed Henman Hill, or is it now Murray Mount? Regardless, venturing around there, I got to see the latter stages of the Roger Federer match on Centre. Then they flicked back to Court One, to see Michael Llodra go flying into the Umpires Chair, and Tommy Haas win, as Llodra had to retire. So Haas decided to play a couple of quick games of tennis with some of the Ball Boys/Girls.

Sitting around, and deciding where to go next put myself in a dilemma. Do myself and my friend go down to one of the outer courts and fight our way in, or is there going to be another match on Court 1. As we have to go around Court 1, it makes more sense to see what’s happening there after the Haas match, and luck was on our side.

There were a couple of games of the First Round of the Ladies Doubles that were scheduled to be played that day, but hadn’t got a court set, and would be played after 5pm. Well it was already 5pm, so one those must be on Court 1 as there is plenty of daylight still left. It was an absolute scorcher that day.

Laura Robson & Georgie Stoop were playing their first round game against another British pairing of Jade Curtis & Anna Smith. We decided to take our seats back and watch this game. If it were anything like the other games, one of them would win, in straight sets.

How wrong was that thought. Planning on going to the pub after went straight out of the window (interesting phrase that, there were no windows!) after the game went to a third and final set. And then this final set, just kept going on, and on. There is no tie-break in the final set (if anyone watched the Men’s Final you would see that), and then this match went from a lovely daylight setting, to nearly twilight. It was the last match to finish in the whole of the All England Club, and after an amazing 3 hours and 2 minutes Laura Robson & Georgie Stoop win that final set, 13 games to 11. Wow!! It was the best tennis I had seen the whole day, and many other people agreed.

One week and 2 days later I’m back down in London, and for a different kinda event. This time Blur in Hyde Park.

Meeting my friend in Victoria Train Station, I’m there very early and decide to take up residence outside the Pub in Victoria Station. Overpriced Beer and taking in the wonderful smells of bus exhaust fumes, and taxi fumes, and my own cigarette smoke. Half an hour later, my mate turns up, and we have a swift pint, and get a taxi up to Hyde Park for an afternoon of music, beer, and more music.


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