Leeds Festival – My Love/Hate Relationship

September 1, 2009

I’m going to preface this blog post (my first in a while), with the following phrase.

Maybe it is my age. Maybe I just don’t get the youth of today.

So, lets start. It all started well, on Thursday, getting to the festival site early, and no queue to get into the car park. Unpacked the minimum I needed to get set up, and then wandered down to get into the festival site. Met with a 45 minute queue to get in Lord Bingley Gate, to get wristbands and then into the Campsite. Walked over to Orange Campsite Location E, and found a pitch about 4 tents distance to my location last year. Lovely. Met some “kids” from Wakefield too, so had a quick chat to them, cracked open a beverage, and then eventually pitched my tent.

My other “festival neighbours” awoke from their sleep, and we started chatting, and generally enjoying the Thursday of doing nothing before the true festival started on the Friday Morning. Yes, more alcohol was consumed, before passing out at around midnight, drunk, tired from getting up at 5am, and drinking from around 9am!
Woke up at 4am with a someone talking loudly for hours, so only napped until finally getting up at 9am in the morning desperately needing to visit the long drops – ugh!!

Now, Friday is here, and eventually get into the arena ready for the first band of the weekend I want to see, Delphic. A great set, a nice small crowd as it’s an early band, and the day goes well. Comedy tent on great form, and the Prodigy seem great, though we were near the front so crushed and escaped after 4 songs, pushed back and did some crazy dancing.

Friday Night around the campsite is rather subdued, and quite nice. Maybe people burned themselves out on the Thursday and can’t stay up. Good for me, I get a reasonable nights sleep.

Now, Saturday is where it starts to go downhill. People nearby just drinking constantly, and stumbling around drunk before midday. Hang on, isn’t this a music festival, not just an excuse to get drunk and not see bands?! Seems like some people decide that they’d rather drink constantly, and act like idiots (more on this in a bit!)

More bands, more comedy, more crazy dancing towards the back!!


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    • Katy

      I completely agree with you, Leeds festival this year was ruined by the wankers who thought it was funny to burn everything in sight (including, shortly after you’d left, our tent with us still in it). I felt a little in the minority being there to appreciate some of my favourite bands and Sunday as a whole did put a downer on things slightly. Though I make it out in one piece and will probably go back again, but maybe take a car to escape on the Sunday night like you guys did! Glad you got home alright :) Kate (the girl who invaded your campsite on Saturday :p) x

    • http://m4rkm.com m4rkm

      i felt guilty leaving you lot behind, and that’s awful that wankers burn down tents with people still fucking in them… grr.. makes me mad.. they just don’t care about the music, and that’s what it’s all about!

    • Katy

      Don’t feel guilty, I’d have done the same haha. It started to calm down a couple of hours after you left, though the fire over the path from us was still going strong. I feel most sorry for security and the CATs who have to try and control it all, that must be terrifying. I’m thinking I might travel to Benicassim next year, it might be a little calmer… fingers crossed :)

    • david

      I don’t think you’re alone – I’ve been going to leeds with my daughter since 2005 and always swore that I would go whilst I could still draw breath. Well, that commitment has been damaged further this year.
      The experience this year wasn’t helped by the lineup being somewhat sub-optimal. It’s a sad reflection of the efforts of the bookers that the best gig of the whole year for me was Tim Minchin in the Alternative Tent (with F&tM a close second)
      If I go next year I think it will be as a steward for Oxfam. Sure I may miss some bands due to shift commitments, but I’ll be camped with the rest of the stewards far from the idiots. Plus I’ll be taking my cooker with me!

      PS – could you find a smaller font?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • http://m4rkm.com m4rkm

      i know i need to tweak the font size.. and it’s on my to-do list for this website….