As New York approaches…

September 8, 2009


This is the most pointless, but also the most gratifying blog post I’ll have written so far. I get to gloat about my holiday

I’m going to NYC on Friday (oops, I’m flying on the 11th!), for a whole week. Can’t wait. I’ll get away from the whinging idiots at work, and try and forget about things to do with Xerox printers for a week. One week without having to tell someone how to press the big green button, One week without having to phone someone to tell them that they didn’t check if there was a network point for a network printer. It’s going to be bliss.

I’ve got a fun filled week in New York coming up too. So, Friday, I’ll land and check in my Hotel in Brooklyn for three nights. Then in the evening I’m going to the Brooklyn Brewery for some beers. Saturday Night I’m going to see the Super Furry Animals in Hoboken, NJ, Sunday afternoon I’m going to Accomplice: New York, Monday Evening I’m hoping to grab a ticket and go see the Yankees at Yankee Stadium, Tuesday Evening I’m seeing Miike Snow & Jack Peñate at Mercury Lounge and then Wednesday I’m going to Bowery Ballroom to see Little Boots. Then I’ve got Thursday night, and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING planned, so I’ll probably go to the bar opposite my hotel in Manhattan.

I need to find something to do during the daylight hours in NYC, but that’s easy, I can just wander around aimlessly, smoke too many cigarettes while outside in the open air, and eventually do some afternoon bar hopping!

I think I’ll need a holiday after this holiday!


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