Leaving New York Never Easy

September 27, 2009

I’ve been, I’ve seen, (again), and I can’t wait to go back.

It’s just over a week since I’ve got back from my latest holiday, and yet again I went to New York. People always ask me why I keep going back to holiday in the same place, and for me it is a simple answer. It’s because I love the place, and it works for me as a holiday. I also holiday alone most times, and again, this works, as I’m not tied down to schedules, people, and having to do things that I really don’t want to, or I can do things when I want, in my own time.

So, why does NYC work for me. Well, it’s a city break, so being on my own is easy in a big city, I get to walk around the streets, sit in the park, prop up the bar, eat when I want, sleep when I want, I’m sure you get the idea. This is going to be a lengthy post about what I did in a week in NYC, and really it is for personal gratification. Am I sorry, no of course not. I want to babble inanely for the next 5 or so pages, and hopefully one person will read it and find it useful.


My holiday (oooh, nearly typed vacation there!), started on Friday 11th September, at Manchester Airport, at around 8.00am. I’d already checked in, and wandered straight into Terminal 2 at Manchester Airport, and realised the bar, that used to be the only bar in T2, is now a Frankie and Bennys, and the bar has moved, but it is bigger, shinier, and there are screen inside that show you what is happening with your flight.

Windows Fail

Mine is the flight at 11:55 that you can’t actually see what is going on, thanks to the windows error. I did get a tweet from @manchesterairport after I posted this, so maybe it eventually got solved.

A few beers, and a breakfast butty later, and I was on the plane, squeezed into a cattle class seat for a hop over the Atlantic.

The flight went off without a hitch, I moved back a row, and had 2 seats together that way, and Liz, the lovely lady who was in the aisle seat was fine with me doing that. Had a discussion with the flight attendants about the lack of power on the flight, and they were insistent that the flight doesn’t have power, but I asked, well why is there a plug for me to plug my laptop in? They were stumped, and unable to work out why it wasn’t working. Oh well, I then drank another beer, and decided to contort my 6’4 rather large body into 2 seats, and sleep for a few hours.

Liz gave me a nudge when the fasten seatbelt sign came on, so I sat up, had yet another beer (you caught onto the theme yet?), and when the little bit of turbulence passed, contorted myself back into a sleeping position.

So, I slept around 4 hours in total, but I had a bad nights sleep before, a number of beers, and nothing else to do. Fast forward to JFK Airport.

Plane lands no problems, and eventually we’re let off. I walk rather fast, and get into the immigration hall nice and early, with only 2 other people in front of me. This means I get through immigration without much of a wait, but have to patiently wait for my luggage to come off. It arrives rather quickly, and I’m out of the airport within 40 minutes. Not a record, but reasonably fast!

Bleh! I need a shower, I need to get to my hotel, but this trip takes another hour and 20, I nearly got to the airtrain, and had to take a phone call, so just missed one, and a wait ensued. Got the next one, transferred to the subway, changed somewhere else, and eventually get to the stop I need to be. I google mapped this bit, and looked on street view, so I knew where to walk, and it was quick, (very quick, cos it was raining), and got to the hotel. WOOOOO!!!!


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    • http://www.glamourpussjewellery.com Kate

      What an amazing post! I’m heading over to NY for my very first visit tomorrow – like you, I doubt it will be my last! Thanks for the tips, will try to get to John’s of Bleecker Street, my mouth is watering already. Read a lot of your posts on mse too, so huge thanks for your time and effort. Not long for you to wait till March now!

      Kate x

    • clare

      wow, it seems like again you had an awesome time, when i finally venture out of the UK,Brooklyn was my one agenda…you will be a pro by then and maybe we could go over together lol! and yes you do love your pizza :) have fun in March! x