New York – Part 1

January 15, 2010

I have a plan

This is the list of bars, places to visit, and food establishments, I am planning to visit when I’m on holiday in New York, more specifically, Brooklyn.

It will most probably expand as I add more to it, I need some places to visit while I’m down in Park Slope, and also, I really should add the items I’m wanting to go to visit in Manhattan too.

This post will be expanded upon, until departure, then I’ll start a brand new post with where I’ve been, what it was like, and whether you should visit yourself.

I’ve changed the format of the map, bringing it into my domain, and creating a custom Map using google api’s. I’ve never touched Google Maps API’s before, and within about 4 hours I had my map, I had icons, and was panning around the map. Just got to add everything into the map, and then create an iPhone version which will work when I’m on the move.
It’s using a some (probably poorly coded) PHP, and a MySQL database in the back end to store the Name of place, the category, and the Latitude and Longitude of the location. The category designates what colour the pin is. I also have Subway Info in the DB, which I’ll display in the little tag once you click the Pin.


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