I had an idea…

February 14, 2010

No, it wasn’t Windows Seven.
It was this website.

The domain for this site auto renewed today, and I’ve fallen in and out of love with blogging over the past year, but recently I kinda enjoy spreading my words of wisdom, or sharing (admittedly with no one, but everyone) general rants about people I work with (anonymously of course). It’s good to let off steam.

So, this idea, was to just give this place a lick of paint. I kinda liked the layout, but just didn’t like some of the design. So I started tweaking. When I finished the tweaks, I just didn’t like the sidebars, some were pointless (links, aaah that’s a bit 1997 isn’t it?), and others needed a spruce up (too many tags). Moving the sidebars underneath the blog posts (and again, I just had a long list, limiting it to three, gave me design inspiration).

So, now you have the featured post above (part 2 of the New York Holiday will be appearing soon!), and then 3 general posts going along. Underneath, you have the boring stuff no one reads underneath anything.

Simple really, effective, and took less than a day.



    • http://toptwittertalk.blogspot.com/ Mark White

      Much better, I did the same on my blog, moved all the crap on the sides, but i did put a pic up, i think people like to see the author