New York – Part 2

February 21, 2010

Firstly, I’ve got no idea how many parts this series of blog posts will actually take place, but I think with less than 2 weeks to go, and hopefully 1 post per morning when I’m in NYC, we’re looking now, at a minmum of 2. (I can’t guarantee I’ll do posts daily, I “may” be hungover.

Anyway, my plan is coming together, and as long as I can stick to the rule of getting to the hotel, and have a sleep before hitting the bars of Brooklyn, I should be good. So, here we go, a not very detailed, but a relaxing holiday plan for Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Thursday 4th March 2010. Land around midday at JFK, 45 mins to get luggage and get out of airport, 45 mins to get to Hotel Le Jolie, so I’m there around 1.30pm. Hopefully, get to check in straight away, into my Elite Room with a Manhattan view, and relax for a few hours, watching the 42″ HD TV. At the point, I will have been up since 5am UK time, so theoretically midnight Eastern Time. This is why I need to sleep, otherwise I’ll be going to sleep at 9pm Eastern, and be up the next day early.. anyway, I digress, once I’ve had my nap, I’m going to hit some bars, oh, and Motorino for a pizza. Yeah, that is my first day’s plan. Simple really.

Friday 5th March 2010 – Daytime. Now, I’ll be up early regardless, It’s how my body works, but I am aiming to sleep til at least 8am. Breakfast / Coffee at hotel, and hit the B48 Bus down to Franklin Avenue and Eastern Parkway and hit the Brooklyn Museum, followed by the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. I’m such a tourist these days. Hop on the Subway up to the New York Transit Museum and pretend to be a child on the old old subway cars. I’ve not got much else planned, so some afternoon beers around Park Slope, and then head back up to Williamsburg (B62 Bus gets me close to where I need to go)

Now, I know that the bus may take longer than the subway in total, but I have no need to go into Manhattan, and if I can avoid it, I’m going to. Also, I’ve only ever taken 1 bus in New York City before, I know it costs the same as the subway, but hey, I might as well use it, especially as in Brooklyn, it is easier to sit down and watch the world go by, rather than rush around on subway trains.

Friday 5th March 2010 – Evening. I’ve got some good friends visiting me in NYC, and they’ll hit town sometime late on Friday, so I’m going to get something to eat myself, hit the Brooklyn Brewery, and meet up with them near the hotel at around 9pm. More bars I think, then, but reasonably quiet, as we’ve got plenty to catch up on.

Saturday 6th March 2010 - Daytime. No Clue, hopefully if the weather is good, head to the East River State Park, to get some photos, visit the City Reliquary, as it’s a very small but unique museum. I’m saving myself today for a party night!

Part 3 will be the rest of my trip, or what I’ve planned.

I’m putting this all in writing, just so I can reference it when I’m in NYC, and make sure I’m going to do what I said I’m going to do!


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