New York – Part 3

March 1, 2010

With the pound slumping today against the dollar, and myself thankful I took advantage of a cancelled currency contract with Crown Currency, giving me a whopping $1.74 compared to the tourist rate today of $1.46, I’ve saved over £100 on my holiday, I remembered that I really should blog, to annoy you all, about the final days plans of my NYC holiday.

So, onto

Saturday 6th March – Evening – Well I said on the last post I would be saving myself for a party night tonight, and that’s just what I’m going to do. I have a list of bars and places I want to sample a beer at, and also, I’ll be accompanied by an old friend I met years ago at University in Sunderland, who will probably complain there is no cider, but hey ho! I’ll still have fun and celebrate turning 31 years old. It will be 1.15am Sunday morning, but I’ll still be drinking then!

Sunday 7th March – Morning – Sleep

Sunday 7th March – Afternoon/Evening – Probably going to head down to the Brooklyn Flea Market that is currently held at the old Williamsburgh Bank Building. So, if the G Subway train is running, (which according to the MTA it is, but that is obviously subject to change), I’m getting that, otherwise, it’ll be back on the bus, or two. Then, after the flea, onto the Prospect Park. I’m hoping to meet up with a local guide, who will show me these places, along with a few bars on the way.

Monday 8th March – Into Manhattan for part of the day, heading to the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum. That’ll take a while to do, and then I’ll probably have a night in. There is a double episode of 24 on Fox at 9pm, and I’m sure there will be some beer in my little mini fridge in the hotel.

Tuesday 9th March – This is where I change hotels, from Brooklyn into Manhattan. For the next two days I’ll be staying at the Smyth Hotel in Tribeca. I normally stay at the Cosmopolitan, but got a great rate I couldn’t knock back on this place, and it’s only opposite the road. So, the L into Manhattan, the 1/2/3 down to Chambers Street, and out of the right exit should put me where I need to be. I’m unsure if I should spend the day exploring the village, and shopping, or whether I should add in another museum, being the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I’m leaning against it, as I’m cramming quite a lot into this trip, so that might be best saved until September when I’m hoping to return.

Wednesday 10th March – I have a timed ticket for the MoMA, and the Tim Burton Exhibition today, so that’s a must do, but I’m going to do what I also did in September ’09 again, and do the HighLine before hand. Just got to time things right, go to the MoMA, and the probably head for a late lunch at a bar somewhere that I’ve been or not been before. Totally undecided today, but we’ll see what happens eh?!

Thursday 11th March – This is the day I dedicate to shopping. I’m packed up at the hotel (unless I blag a late checkout), go shopping for all the stuff I want, mother wants, sister wants etc, and carry it around. Then, some quality afternoon drinking, a pizza, and saying my farewells to this trip to New York City, I’ll get back to the hotel, lug my luggage across the road to the A Train and sit on that while it whisks me out of the city towards JFK airport, and my 8.55pm (or is it 9.05pm, they keep changing it) departure to LHR.

This is really the first time I’ve had such a solid daytime plan of things to do, I’ve knocked the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens on the head, because, gardens, in March, again, I’ll save that until September, so I have 2 things I already want to do for my next trip, and I’ve still got 2 days of doing nothing much, to do anyway. I like to explore, I like to get into certain areas, and I’ll carry at least one camera with me everywhere.

So, lets actually see how much I do end up doing from this list, with my daily blog posts from New York City, starting Thursday!



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