New York – 1 Week

March 14, 2010

One Week in New York, what can I say. It was immense. Where to start? Obviously, the most logical point will be the moment I land at JFK Airport, so we’ll start there.

Thursday March 4th

View from Hotel Le Jolie

View from Hotel Le Jolie

The flight was uneventful, and I enjoyed a few beers. Straight through immigration and the boring 10 minute wait for luggage. Then the short walk to the Airtrain. Hang on a second though, I had made it through immigration, got my luggage, and customs in less than 20 minutes. That is a record for myself at JFK airport. Airtrain, Subway, pain of lugging my suitcase up the stairs at Lorimer Street, and across the street to the Hotel Le Jolie. New York, I have arrived.

Shorty Award

I did have a Manhattan view in my room, a bit higher up in the hotel would have been nice, but the room did the trick.

I spent a few hours in the hotel relaxing and then hit Williamsburg in style. Met up with Twitchhiker who was in town after winning a Shorty Award, and had a beer or two with him, and then ended up at Fette Sau for a meal with a friend from NYC. A few more beers, great company and conversation ensued for a few hours. Wow, the brisket was just astounding. The evening ended early at about 9pm, but that was just jetlag kicking in, as I had been up since 5am UK time, so 21 hours in total!


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    • Lee M Dobson

      Loved the Blog, was definately a great time! I am trying to convince my Brother to come over, perhaps for your September trip!

    • Angie

      Get me the September dates and I will get us reserved… where we staying next round? I definately want to do The Daily Show or as a second resort The Colbert Report – so we need to reserve early I guess! :)