Why do…

April 3, 2010

Why do people insist on telling me why they are selling their goods on ebay. I don’t care that your daughter is pregnant and needs to buy a buggy so you’re selling her mac mini. I just want to buy a mac mini for myself.

In telling me that your daughter is needing a buggy, and that it is her mac mini also begs the question why the hell are you selling it, and not her, or is she already so pregnant that she can’t operate a computer to be able to sell a computer.

Damn, you’ve just lost a sale, as it’s got me a little mad I don’t want to put money into the buggy fund, because obviously your daughter is not able to do things for herself, I think (and this is my far out opinion as of this very minute mainly for comedy purposes), that my taxes will be paying for that child’s upkeep anyway!

And breathe!


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