Dear Apple…

May 2, 2010

Dear Apple,

I like your products. I’m using one of them now to write this blog post. I’m a bit annoyed at an experience at one of your Apple Stores yesterday, and the lack of listening your sales person, sorry “Specialist” did when I eventually spoke to them.

Imagine this conversation.

Me – “Hi, We’d like to buy a 13″ MacBook Pro at £999 please”
Specialist – “Excellent, is there anything I can help you with”
M – “No, Just the laptop, my mum’s old MacBook has just gone pop, the hard drive has failed, and I can’t even get the machine to book from DVD”
S – [Directed to my mother] “Have you used a Mac before?”
M – …thinks… “didn’t you just hear that we want to REPLACE a MacBook with a MacBook Pro?!”
Mum – “Yes, for years!!!”
Me – “Yeah, all we need is the Mac…”

The conversation goes that mum likes to surf the net, and we all use the laptop in the living room, so it gets passed around, the “Specialist” nods his head as if he’s actually listening, He’s trying to sell extra things, do we need to take any information off the old laptop – erm, it’s gone pop, the hard drive is gone, so I doubt there is any information to take off.

Then he takes the order through the system they have access to in the store, and I wander aimlessly around waiting… 5 minutes pass, and I walk back, and mum has sat on a stool, while we’re waiting, and the said specialist is trying to sell “one to one”. I hear my mum saying she doesn’t drive, and can’t get down to store easily, and all she does is surf the net really, and my word, it’s such a hard sell it’s unbelievable.

Now, the annoying thing is that this product at £80, must be a much better add on, because not once were we asked about AppleCare (a product that we would have been interested in), but proceeded to tell us about online training, when we’ve clearly already told him what we use the laptop for.

Seriously, it’s a laptop in the lounge for surfing the net.

Now, I’ve been shopping in the Apple Store at Meadowhall since it opened and can tell you this. Training your staff to be passionate about the products they sell isn’t something you need to do, however, training them to listen to what we’re saying when we want to buy a laptop, is something they need. The specialist even said “This is an easy sale“, which isn’t something I’ve ever heard from an Apple associate before, they’ve never been that obsessed with selling, and not as pushy.

Will I still buy Apple products. Yes, but I think next time I’ll just buy online and wait for delivery, as that isn’t an experience I want to repeat.

Thanks for probably not reading this,


[EDIT] I’ve now found out that the macbook that I said had gone pop, is actually covered under a hard drive replacement scheme, making my experience above even worse, because in my opinion, the Specialist in question should have KNOWN about that, and maybe advised us to bring in the laptop for a FREE repair.