The Start Of Summer

May 31, 2010

The start of summer this year, commences with the first test match of the season and I’m just watching the end of it on tv, and listening to TMS, while slumped in bed.

However, on both Thursday and Friday I was actually at Lord’s, watching, in what was wonderful weather, and a good day and a session of good Cricket. Thoroughly enjoyable.

I’ve got plenty of summer events to keep myself occupied this year too. Cricket at Headingley and the Oval to come, and along with a day at Wimbledon too. I’ve decided in my ultimate wisdom not to do a festival however I do have the Rage Against the Machine gig at Finsbury Park next Sunday which should be an experience in itself.

I did decide to buy myself an iPad while I was in London on Friday, however, I was one of these people who did queue up outside the Apple Store on Regent Street, from around 6am. I may sound like a total geek now, but Apple do know how to put on a great event, and there were loads of staff in store, they chanted peoples name as we entered, cheered and applauded when we left. just proves they know who really pays their wages!!!!

This isn’t going to be an iPad review, but it is a great device, and my go to portable when wanting to tweet, surf the net, or, in this instance, update my blog. If it could text and make phone calls, I think I’d have no need for a mobile/cell phone. I could easily just use this device. I must have big hands too, as I find thumb typing on the landscape keyboard perfectly acceptable. Also half touch typing works too when the iPad is on a flat surface.

The screen is to die for. If you have an iPad, get the Guardian Eyewitness app, and the photos on that app really show the screen off.

Enough geek talk for now, I’m sure I’ll mention it again, I would just like to say that it’s good, it can be improved, especially with multitasking.

On the book thing, Kindle is much better than iBooks, from what I’ve seen so far.

So, here is to another summer of sport, commentated in depth by many people, and hardly anything by me. I just feel no need!


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    • Reem

      Speaking of the Kindle, I saw some lady at the airport carrying one and I must say, it did look pretty cool. Haven’t seen the iBooks to be fair, but from what I saw – and having done a completely superficial review for our business mag a few months ago – I would totally go for a Kindle too.

      ps. Didn’t u kinda miss the BIGGEST summer sporting event of the year? *cough* World Cup *cough* :P