Proof That…

June 27, 2010

…The Daily Mail are STUPID.

Now, there is no other way of saying this, but, surely this is proof that the daily mail are stupid, and they should be removed from reporting anything that could be classed as “NEWS”

I spotted a retweet of @mailonline on twitter just a few minutes ago (and yes, I’ve unfollowed the person who retweets the mail), clicked through to read this story.

Excellent, all the anti-apple people are loving this story, me, I just laughed at this story.

As far as I was aware, Steve Jobs doesn’t actually have a twitter account, and if he does, it definitely isn’t @ceostevejobs. Mainly on the basis of the @ceostevejobs account is a parody. You see, it actually tells you in the Bio on twitter that it is a parody. Seriously @mailonline, your really fucking stupid.

I am still laughing.


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