Happy Birthday iPod

October 24, 2010

Firstly, Oops, I’ve not posted for a while, but I’ll come to that in a later post. I’ve just read over on TUAW that the iPod is 9 years old now. I thought to myself, which iPods have I actually owned in the short lifespan. So, I made a list.

1 – 5gb Mac Only 1st Generation iPod
2 – 4gb iPod Mini Silver
3 – 30gb iPod Photo
4 – 60gb iPod Video
5 – 8gb iPod Nano (5th Gen Black)
6 – 16gb iPod Nano (6th Gen Product Red)

And that’s not including the iPhones that I’ve owned since that launched

1 – 8gb iPhone
2 – 16gb iPhone
3 – 16gb iPhone 3G (White)
4 – 16gb iPhone 3G (Black)
5 – 32gb iPhone 3GS (White)
6 – 32gb iPhone 4 (Black)

Oops. I think I’m slightly addicted. I’m now tempted to try and remember exactly how many mobile phones I’ve owned, since I got my first in October 1997.