New York – September 2010

November 20, 2010

I’ve just realised I never blogged about my last holiday to NYC which was back in September this year. So, while I’m sat in the office, I’ll bore you all with the details. This post is adapted from my Live Trip Report which I also never finished on Trip Advisor

Tuesday September 21st

This is one of the first times, I didn’t take my SLR camera, as I wanted a holiday to be just that, to see and do, and not take photos. I also find, that taking my SLR means I have to end up going back to my hotel, to drop things off before I head out at night. Anyway, enough of that.

Before I went to NYC, I decided it would be a great idea to head into Central London and see Fyfe Dangerfield at the Shepherds Bush Empire. It was a good afternoon of drinking, food, and then a gig, but maybe I drank a little too much. Escaped the crowds and left about 15 minutes before 11, and headed back to the hotel. In my ultimate wisdom, I needed more beer, and proceeded to prop up the hotel bar til about 1am. At 6:30am, my alarm went off, and I really wasn’t feeling it, but up I was and within 20 minutes in the car for the short ride from Jurys Inn Heathrow (where I got accused that I was a famous person!), to Terminal 4, (where I wasn’t accused of being famous, or bumped up to business class!).

Wednesday September 22nd

8am. I had made my way through security without a hitch, or a pat down, and sat down at the bar in Terminal 4. My flight wasn’t til 10.30ish so I had plenty of time to get rid of my slight hangover with a breakfast butty, and a pint of Cider. It did the trick because by the time I was on the flight I wasn’t hungover, or sober for that matter, just happily tipsy enough to be locked in a tube for 7 and a bit hours.

Flights are boring. I watched a few movies on my iPad, read a book that I featured it (twitchhiker – buy it at!), and drank a few more beers. Slept for about an hour or two while listening to Groove Armada on my iPhone, and finally the plane landed at JFK. Did my usual trick of walking fast and getting to the front of the queue for immigration and was through in no time. Surprisingly, the luggage arrived within 5 minutes, and then to get outside, past all the illegal cab drivers to a proper taxi to my Hotel in Brooklyn; The Hotel Le Jolie. I’d stayed here before, but this was the first time getting a taxi to the hotel, and if anyone who reads this, has been to NYC before, knows that some taxi drivers, just don’t like going to Brooklyn. However, I was armed with experience, and directions, which pleased the driver, as I told him to head to the BQE, and get off at Exit 34. Simple really.

2pm, and some time to kill, I decided to take the mile walk, in the SCORCHING weather, down to South 4th Bar, just near the Williamsburg Bridge, to prop the bar up and just chill out for the afternoon. It was a wise choice. Left reasonably early at just after 4pm, just so I could get into Manhattan, and then join the queue for the Colbert Report! My second filming, my first being in March of this year, was thoroughly enjoyable as the last. By 8pm that was over, and it was a nice summers evening for all of 10 minutes.

The heavens then opened and an amazing thunderstorm started. Headed back into Brooklyn, with the intention of having a few beers, but with the rain still lashing down, and the sky just showing off it’s colours, I decided to call it a night, and head back to the hotel, with a sandwich bought from a local deli. Relaxed, watched a bit of tv, and to bed for about 10pm. I was up at 5am the next morning, but that didn’t matter, I was in NYC and had a great few days ahead of me!


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