The Grass…

January 10, 2011

Isn’t always greener.

So, 9 months later, and I’m going back to the old company I worked for. I’ll still bitch and moan, but at least there, I won’t get treated like an idiot!

Things like when I was given project that I completed in 25 minutes, and it was supposed to last all day, if not longer.

Simple mundane work, anyone could have done. Send an e-mail, chase a phone call. I felt like I was being a secretary, rather than an IT person.

It was always supposed to be so busy, no one had time to do anything, when a lot of the time, people were doing nothing regardless, apart from chasing up things that no one else had done, the customer wasn’t overly bothered about. I remember one conference call I booked with a customer, because my manager decided he didn’t beleive I had gone through anything, and the customer sounded genuinley confused as to why he was asking questions that were irrelevant, and others that I’d asked, covered, clarified etc already. There was no trust in the job, Big Brother was always watching.

It sometimes took 3 days to do something because it should be done remotely, and that took 4 hours worth of phone calls, and endless e-mails back and forth to do that, rather than drive 2 hours to the customers to get it done. It was, at times, painful.

It has been a tough 9 months, I thought, September / October time I could have made a go of it, but I just never fitted in.
I was always an outsider looking in.
I didn’t get the start work early, finish late ethos, that the whole company in a roundabout way got you to sign up to.
I didn’t get the whole, say yes to everything regardless if we know how to do it, what it is that needs doing, or even if it is related to the kit we’ve installed.

I think it’s because I questioned things, asked “why?” rather than just put my head down and did things. I challenged stupid time and money wasting decisions, tried to bring new ideas to the table, that I didn’t fit in.

I wanted a challenge, I said that in the interview, I needed to be pushed, I hated being quiet, and had nothing to do. There is only so much training one can do, and when you’ve finished it all, then you really can’t do much else. I don’t mind really, now I’m out of there, I can fall back into my old job, now with a better overall package. I kinda know this won’t excite me, and I won’t be able to do what I want, because everyone is so set in their ways, and they see IT as a cost, rather than a way to make money, it will be tough for me to change anything.

I want to bring new things to the table, hopefully excite people with the knowledge that I know, if I can’t do it starting with a blank canvas now, then I’ll never get the chance to I don’t think. However, I don’t think the person who has employed me, has mentioned any of the ideas I gave at interview stage over to head office, they’re blissfully unaware of my potential, so I know I have to kick scream shout and make a song and dance about it, to make myself heard.

I yearn to be busy and have work to do, projects that will benefit people and create money for myself/the company. Maybe, just maybe I’ll get that this time around. If I don’t, I have no idea what I’ll do.


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