12 Month Contracts – 3/3

April 13, 2011

Though, not including ThreeUK.

Another player has appeared in the 12 month contract ring, with competitive pricing. I have to add in the phrase, competitive pricing, as Tesco Mobile have 12 month contracts, but their handset costs are out of this world. I’m going to concentrate on one phone this time as well, as it is one I’m considering purchasing. The Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc.

Onto the new player – Talk Mobile. It’s the Carphone Warehouse that have recently sung and danced about their “never pay for the internet”, and launched 24 month contracts. What snuck in, under the table, are some 12 month contracts, and damn good they are if you ask me.

So, Lets go through the O2, and the Vodafone versions of the phone, with prices.

Voda – 300 Minutes / UL Text / 500MB Internet / £35 per month / £179
O2 – 300 Minutes / UL Text / 500MB Internet / £37 per month / £??? (No data)

Now onto the new kid on the block.

Talk Mobile – 400 Minutes / 1000 Text / UL Data / £30 per month / £135 (e2save)
Talk Mobile – 400 Minutes / 1000 Text / UL Data / £30 per month / £160 (carphone warehouse)

So, yes, it’s cheaper through e2save, which Carphone Warehouse own, but that’s just the handset cost. More minutes, more data, texts IMO are insignificant, and  a cheaper monthly cost, along with a cheaper handset outlay. What more can I ask for. It is only a limited deal, they say til the 4th May.

Other things to note – No Tethering, which O2 allow in their 500MB bundle, and Vodafone charge £5 for 500MB to tether, I just can’t find any info right now on whether there is a bundle I can buy to allow myself to tether. Even an extra £5 would make it a bargain, but alas, there isn’t much on that. I have just asked on twitter though, see if I get a response like @o2 kindly did on my previous post