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April 17, 2011

It’s been just over a month since I arrived back in the UK from 10 days holiday, and I still haven’t posted a single one of my holiday snaps online. Apart from commenting on the resurgence of 12 month mobile phone contracts, I have actually been busy at work, had some training sessions, sold a software package to a client a few weeks ago, started planning a large scale print system, it is all go! 

I have been really busy, though still, I am in 2 minds if I made the right decision to go back to my previous employer. There are just a few niggles that still are not sitting right that I need to iron out. I’m not saying anything on here, I don’t normally go into much detail about my work life on here, as it isn’t professional.

In other news, obviously as I’m busy with my main job, my hobby job of web design has taken off a little bit too, so currently, I’m juggling around 3 projects, 2 are underway already, and 1 is just awaiting information ready for the design to start. Luckily, the 2 new projects are both custom WordPress themes, and this is kinda exciting, as I get to learn new things that I never looked at. Things that are making my life so much easier, and I’ve already integrated (though you can’t tell), a few things into this own website, so really should update the version number.

There are a number of things I don’t like on this website, but it is just my personal blog, and a bit of fun and games, a sandbox. I’m also tempted to incorporate my web design business into this website, rather than having a business one (which doesn’t really serve much purpose), so my thoughts are currently if I should incorporate my portfolio into this. My business site, would then disappear. It’s a decision I need to make. Everyone knows me on the internet as M4RKM, so why not just use that as my “brand”. I do need to do a bit of work on this site, to make it 100% if I were to do it, maybe tidy up some of the language below in the about me section, and also incorporate a welcome blurb above the 2 featured posts as well.

I hand code everything, and it’s all in Espresso, (which I think on my laptop and iMac) so what I should do, to increase productivity, is make sure my source files are in DropBox. That way I can edit to my hearts content, tweak things here and there, and get things done quicker. Yes, I am thinking out loud.

Planning for my September holiday is already underway. I feel like by the time I hit NYC in March, my body was drained of sightseeing (cramming a lot into San Francisco), and I didn’t really do it justice. I’m still unsure if I should just go somewhere totally different, and experience something new. All I know is that I have holiday to use up, and I will be able to afford a week away if I feel like it. NYC is tempting, because I know it. San Francisco, however great it is as a city, just doesn’t have that pulling power.

Ok, enough babbling. I promise to get some more photos uploaded, and if you notice, there is a little menu, so you can at least navigate now to the galleries that are already here.


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