Version 2.01?

April 26, 2011

I just couldn’t have a two point oh, Anyway. It’s still a work in progress, but my wordpress theme now includes custom menus (one at the top, is basic), I’ve ventured into widgets too, and still have a bit of work on that to do, but at least the site is back up for public consumption.

I need to finish off the menus, and yes, my header is now non existant, I still like my random fire hydrant, but I need to think of a better way to incorporate it into the design of the site, because it’s just so lovely.

I know there are things out of place on single post pages, and on the gallery pages, but I’ve got a few evenings free this week, plus then a nice long weekend, however, I am wanting to head out of Saturday to Live At Leeds, and I have a project I need to do an additional page design for, and also start on a third project this weekend. May will be a lot of work, but that will definitely be worth it.