CEX Pricing – WHY?

June 22, 2011

I’ve just been browsing around for an unlocked iPhone 4 in White. Yes, I’m frustrated with my Android Xperia Arc already, and I’ve had it only 3 months.

Anyway, a Brand New iPhone from Apple – unlocked – is £510.

A Second Hand unlocked – MINT Condition iPhone 4 from CEX is £545. Why would I pay more for something that is second hand!!


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    • CeX Staff

      £545 might sound quite expensive, but all our prices reflect the demand of certain goods. Because the Iphone 4 is one of the most desired phones out there, our prices are still quite high. Once the iphone 5 comes out, I expect this £545 will plummet.

      The point is, with CeX, you can trade in your phone and get up to £236 off the price of the iphone 4.

      Why not pop into one of our shops to see how easy it is!

    • m4rkm

      Thanks for taking the time to response there CeX.

      I fully get the idea of trading, but if someone were buying outright, they’re still better off going to Apple directly, than buying from yourself. For a second hand phone, you think you’d be at least £10 cheaper (even in mint condition), than direct with Apple, not more expensive.

      Now, when it comes to trading, etc, Yeah, I can see you be cheaper than getting cash and buying direct from apple, and I might just be doing that, once I get some money in my pocket to swap my Xperia Arc, for a white iPhone…


    • Steph-leanne

      Hi, im wanted to buy an iphone4S and ive found one at cex im wondering what does the mint condition mean? does the phone have marks on it or anything??