New York Trip Report

October 23, 2011

It’s about time I posted, photos, maps, and a bit of a report of what I did in New York City this September. I originally posted most of this over on TripAdvisor, however, this is my personal website, so I can speak more freely, discuss things in comments afterwards, and post photos and maps etc, to give you a better idea of what I did. I’ve actually edited quite a bit, and added more in. I’ll also be posting a list of bars that I’ve visited, with my own personal opinion on the bar, that’s if I stayed long enough to gain an opinion. Anyway, on with the report.


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    • Lisa

      Fantastic trip report Mark – thanks a lot.


    • Lisa

      Hi Mark – I was just wondering, how many hours before your flight do you usually get to the airport? Do you think 2 hours would be cutting it fine?

    • Mark

      Hi Lisa. 

      When I’m heading home, I get to JFK around 2.5 hours before. I’ve done 2 hours, and it isn’t really cutting it fine, it works quite well, but I like a few pints before I get on the plane. 

      in the UK heading out to NYC, I’m always there 4 hours before, because I want to start my holiday, and also, it means my seat doesn’t get shifted and I may get emergency exit rows…