Albums of 2011

January 3, 2012

I’ve not blogged much about music in the past 12 months, but with hours upon end spent in the car driving, I’ve been able to have many hours with music being intravenously dripped into me. Thanks to buying a car with a great sound system, DAB Radio, Bluetooth Audio, and USB, means I’ve also been able to have my whole music collection with my all the time.

What I’ve listened to hasn’t strayed far from the norm for me. I’ve found new bands and thoroughly enjoyed them, and looking forward to what they have to offer over the next year or so, and now with the move to London, I’ve probably got more of an opportunity to head to gigs in the evenings.

I know last year, I did a top 10 listing of albums I listened to and liked. This year, I’m keeping it to a list of five. This is because even though there were many great albums out, I like to challenge myself to pick my favourites and really limit it to a few.

In fifth place, propping up my favourite albums of 2011 – Death Cab For Cutie / Codes & Keys

In fourth place, Laura Marling / A Creature I Don’t Know

In third place, in mid table obscurity is – The Joy Formiddable / The Big Roar

Nearly hitting the top stop, but pipped to the post was – Anna Calvi / Anna Calvi

And right at the top, and it was an easy choice for me, was Foster The People / Torches.

Honorable Mentions go to, Fleet Foxes, Elbow, Cloud Control, Friendly Fires, Guillemots, Noah & The Whale, and The Strokes.

There were a few disappointments as well, albums that I was hopeful for, and really just didn’t hit home with me. Chapel Club and British Sea Power to name two

I did enjoy 2011 musically, maybe a top five is difficult, as I’ve got 7 honorable mentions, and a few more too that I liked, but haven’t even listed. Just hope 2012 is equally as good.


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