Diamond Jubilee

June 2, 2012

It started with a tweet.

I was debating whether I should be sensible, and have a night in last night, and tweeted that thought, and I had the standard responses, but @Shepy took it to the next level. I laughed off the idea straight away, thinking it would be irresponsible and also impossible to do what was said.

60 Pints by Tuesday – Never! It was only later that evening, that I thought I could actually do something like this. Modify the rules slightly, and it could be a reasonably good idea. I am planning on the pub on Saturday and Monday, along with a few on Friday Night, just how difficult would it be to drink 60 different Beers, by Tuesday Night.

Ok, so not pints, this opens up the world of bottles, and with draft beer, halves, thirds, and schooners. Also, adding in 12 hours to the challenge, means that I have Friday Night, and then all day Sat / Sun / Mon / Tue. 60 Beers in 5 days. That is just over 12 beers per day. I’m still thinking it is irresponsible, but I think to myself how much I actually can drink (responsibly obviously), and I can easily drink around 7 pints in a session. Add into this a few bottles at home, it’s doable. I’ve also made it slightly more difficult, because I can’t drink the same thing twice. I’ve got enough pubs in London to support this, and if I become stuck, there is always a refreshing pint of Britain’s Number One Lager

I love my beer, I probably have drunk nearly this amount subconsciously, especially when I did New York Craft Beer Week last year, but documenting it, and actually saying I’m going to drink 60 different beers in 5 days, and I’ve got a sneaking suspicion it would be called irresponsible drinking, that is what is weighing on my mind. I don’t drink beer to get drunk though, I drink beer to enjoy beer, the tastes, flavours, and everything that is encompasses Really Good Beer, so I’m not in any way promoting the idea of binge drinking, or getting so drunk people cause havoc, fall over, end up lying in the gutter. Over the years, I’ve never done the first, or last, and always get home safely. I’m a sensible drunk, and I do know where my limit lies.

I drank 10 beers last night, admittedly, one was BrewDog Nanny State at 0.5% ABV, but it is still a beer, I even got home, put some washing on, watched the baseball, and I was up this morning at 8am (mainly thanks to the next door neighbours, and having some drains jetted!). What I’m saying there is that I’m still fully aware of what I was doing, and could have drank a few more beers last night, but decided I wanted to get the last Overground back to Stratford.

So, the point of this blog is that I AM going to see how many beers I can get up to over the weekend, and I’m going to go to some great pubs, old and new. If I get anywhere close to 60 different ones, that will have been an epic long weekend, obviously in honour of our amazing reigning Monarch.

I’ll update this list as I drink them. Maybe you should follow my progress on Untappd

Friday Night

  1. Budvar: Budweiser
  2. Brewdog: Punk IPA
  3. Black Isle: Porter
  4. Evil Twin: Weird Grape
  5. Grassroots Brewing / Mikkeller: Wheat is the new Hops
  6. To Øl / Mikkeller: Overall IIPA
  7. Brewdog: 5AM Saint
  8. Laguntias: A Little Sumpin’ Wild Ale
  9. Brewdog: Nanny State
  10. Green Flash Brewing: West Coast IPA
  11. Saturday

  12. Dark Star : Hophead
  13. Harbour IPA
  14. Dark Star: Ruby Mild
  15. Magic Rock: Dark Arts
  16. Kernel: Pale Ale “Chinook”
  17. Brooklyn: Lager
  18. Oakham: Citra
  19. Nogne Ø: Saison
  20. Rogue: Juniper Pale Ale
  21. Tap East: East End Mild
  22. Anchor: Porter
  23. Brooklyn: East India Pale Ale

So, I’ve decided not to keep up with this, not that I can’t do it, but that I just do not want to. I had a plan for the Weekend before I had thought of this, and decided to go back to doing that. Yesterday, I was middle aged and did nothing. Today, I’ll have a few beers, but I’m not going to count them.


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