EE isn’t that bad.

October 23, 2012

Maybe EE caught onto people’s complaints, but some interesting things have come out of the price releases. Obviously my previous blog post, I complained recently about having to move from a 12 month sim only onto either an 18 or 24 month sim only. It made no sense as I bought my phone outright.

Thankfully, this isn’t the case and EE SIM Only plans are 12 months. Shame there isn’t a one month plan, but 12 month isn’t too bad.

I had a number of questions and after reading a load of tweets I have found the following out.

Any plan that comes with a handset, is 24 months, OR the option to add £10 per month, and make it into a 12 month contract. This is something that more networks should take note of. Some people are happier to pay more to have a 12 month contract – This is a complete win!

There are 18 month options but no detail around that, maybe that’s £5 a month extra.

All Plans DO include tethering, which is also a good bonus.

My only concern is the sim only plans. £31 gives you 3GB of data. If you run out, and want more, you pay £15 for 2GB data. However, if you want 5GB data, then you pay £36. So by my mathematics, if for four months of the year, (12 month contract), you want more than 3GB of data, then it’s cheaper to pay for 5GB throughout the whole year, and you benefit. It’s a fine line. Also, there is no 8GB plan for Sim Only users.

Ok, this is a shambles and not well written, but they’ve really improved on what was originally on their website, and the plans are not that bad, I just have to decide if I want a 12 month contract now.


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