Q: When is SIM Free not SIM Free?

November 5, 2012

A: When it is sold by @CPWTweets

Happy Birthday iPod

October 24, 2010

I’ve just read over on TUAW that the iPod is 9 years old now. I thought to myself, which iPods have I actually owned in the short lifespan

Proof That…

June 27, 2010

…The Daily Mail are STUPID.

Why do…

April 3, 2010

Why do people insist on telling me why they are selling their goods on ebay. I don’t care that your daughter is pregnant and needs to buy a buggy

Poor journalism…

March 1, 2010

I really do hate journalists who think they are correct, and have spun a story out of nothing, when you actually reveal the facts. I don’t know why they do it, maybe it’s an honest mistake, and it creates a story. Maybe it is just that they have not done any research.