Manhattan Pub Crawl

I know a lot of people don’t venture far out of midtown, but to get great beer, and lots of it, (maybe even great bars, with reasonable priced food), then you have to. Here is a pub crawl (another epic one) that takes in some of the great areas of NYC.
You need to be starting at Union Square. The Subway is 14th Street / Union Square and is on the 4/5/6/N/Q/R/L trains.

Walk out of the subway onto Union Square West (or find it), and cross the road, You should find Heartland Brewery. This is your first stop. A microbrewery, they do have seasonal ales, and a bunch of regulars too, along with the standard pub fare food menu. Reasonably priced for food.
Once you’ve had that, walk out of Heartland Brewery, and you have a bit of a walk to head to the next bar. Cross over into Union Square, and head south, walk diagonally, and you’ll end up at the corner of 14th Street and Union Square East. Walk south down Broadway, and then left onto 13th Street, right onto 4th avenue, left onto 12th Street, Right onto 3rd Avenue. Now, i’ve not been here, but if you want to see english football, you have on your right Nevada Smiths. If that’s not your bag, then head down to the corner of 11th Street, and cross over. On that corner, you have the Village Pourhouse. It’s a great pub with a huge selection of beers, and also, again, great food. My mouth is watering at the thought of their wings. Not the best in NYC, but close.

OK, once you’ve finished at Village Pourhouse, we’re now going to trek down to Layfayette Street / E Houston Street. It’s just over half a mile, so you’ll work off some of those beers, and have a bit of fresh air. Turn right at Astor Place, and as you pass the Astor Place Cube, try give it a spin. If there is enough of you, you should be able to spin it. Turn left at Lafayette Street, and keep heading south until you cross East Houston Street. (If you’re feeling lazy, you can hop on the 6 at Astor Pl 1 stop south!). Once you’re there on the right side of the street, you’ll find Puck Fair.
Walk out of Puck Fair, and back up Layfayette, turn left on Bleecker. You’ll find the Bleecker Street Bar – Not great craft beer, but a nice divey bar.

Head left out of Bleecker Street Bar, and turn right onto Broadway, then just turn Left on West 3rd Street. The first place you’ll hit on the left just after LaGuardia Place, is The Half Pint.

Once you’ve finished there, cross over Thompson Street, and you’re right outside Amity Hall. Head either upstairs or downstairs. I have never headed upstairs yet. It’s a bit more chilled and laid back. Both of these 2 bars have FREE WIFI, just ask for the password.

Head out of Amity, turn left, and head 2 blocks to Macdougal Street. Turn Left, and you’ll find MacDougal Ale House (never been, but it’s there) and a bit further down is Slane – This is a kinda relaxed irish bar, again free wifi.

Out of Slane, and head left, to Bleecker – and turn right. Head over 6th Avenue, and make sure you keep following Bleecker – the road kinda turns a bit. On the corner of Bleecker and Jones you have the Blind Tiger Ale House – Awesome, but a bit touristy now. If you’re feeling hungry by this point, you could go to Johns of Bleecker Street, and have some great pizza.

On with beer though. Walk up Jones Street, and at the other corner is the Slaughtered Lamb Pub. A “british” pub, it does the trick, though not the greatest place on this crawl.

Now the last place on this crawl is just under a mile away. It’s only 15 minutes walking. Head out of the Slaughtered Lamb, and turn left, you’re on West 4th Street. Keep Walking. No, keep on walking. You’re actually heading NORTH now, even though you think streets only go east/west. When you hit Horation Street, Left, then Second Right onto Greenwich Street. Left onto Little West 12th Street, and your finishing point is Brass Monkey. Once you’ve drank your way around this crawl, you could walk along the highline to get some great views of NYC from a different perspective.

So, that’s a bit of a crawl starting at Union Square, and ending up, near enough at the High Line, and you’ve seen a bit of NYC in the process.

Please Drink Responsibly.